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I will be sharing with you what I eat In a day + Ingrediants


  • BREAKFAST: I will have some juice, my favourite juice Is Orange. Then I will make myself a sandwich and on the side some fruit.

  • LUNCH: I normally have a big lunch so I might have Pasta, stake and veg… But today I had Pasta with musthroom sauce and to drink I had CocaCola (My grandma calls it FAT COKE LOL)  
  • SNACK: I had hot chocolate and some oreos 

  • DINNER: I had sea food, I´m sorry but I don´t know the names In English. I only know them In spanish, sorry 😦
  • MIDNIGH SNACK: Normally I would have some biscuits or pistachos


Sorry for the short blog, but I wanted to share with you what I eat in a day

Hoped ylou liked It

– K<3



Hello Ladies,

I made this outfit for you girls to get an idea from. I’m going to a wedding In April and I finding It really hard. I know I still have 6 months, but It takes time. Because you don’t want to be underdressed or overdressed. It’s hard for us to pick out the perfect outfit.

So I tried my best on preparing this outfit for you ladies. Everything Is from Boohoo except the choker.

I love to wear black clothing, so yes I did pick a black dress and heels. But to give it a bit of color I picked this Kimono/jacket In a creamy color and paired It with a little bag, just a bit darker. I don’t really wear jewelry, but I wear chokers. I couldn’t find In a black choker. So this one is from for 8€

On to the make-up, I was thinking a nude lip and a brown smokey eye will look perfect. Put some false eyelashes on and you’re good to go😘


  • Dress: 15€
  • Heels: 46€
  • Kimono/jacket: 46€
  • Bag: 18€
  • Choker: 8€ (Dorothy

I hope you like this look and If you want any type of Ideas just let me know and I will do them for you.

Thanks for reading





Hey everyone 😛
Welcome to my blog.

Well basiclly Im going to the Uk next month, just incase you didn´t know I live in Tenerife (Spain)
So I´m going to be doing videos for my youtube channel, hopefully I will film a winter lookbook in london. I´m not sure yet, cause It all depends on what Im doing when im over, because I´m going with my boyfriend and I´m going to be visiting my family and doing some fashion stuff. (I can´t say much because I´m doing a project that I can´t share yet)
I´m so excited to go back, I want to do a load of stuff for my blog and my YouTube channel, so fingers crossed that everything will work out.
So yeah, I know it was a short blog but i wanted to share with you that im going to the uk.
Make sure you subscribe to my channel. The link will be bellow.

And If you like make sure to share with me your ideas for future videos on my channel.

Speak to you soon,




We all know and love Kylie Jenner and we all know that she has lip fillers. But do you know the reason?

Well, here It Is…

She finally opened up to the worl about the real reason behind her artificially plumped pout. And yes, It´s all about a boy.

Kylie: This guy I kissed said ¨Your lips are really small but you´re really good kisser. I didn´t think you were gonna be good at kissing¨

So that that made her feel insecure about her lips, witch I would feel the same If some guy told me that.

Then she said: It was so rude. From then on, I just felt like I saw guys staring at my lips. I felt like no one wanted to kiss me…

Which Is why she secretly got injections, a decision that wasn´t easy for her to overcome and one that she wishes she had been honest about in the first place.

Kylie: I wasn´t even 17 yet, what If I came out and said ¨Oh, yeah, I got my lips done¨ what are all those mothers going to think about me?  These kids, my fans, they´re going to think I´m crazy. I didn´t want to be a bad influence.

There you have It, the real reason why Kylie Jenner wanted bigger lips.

Hope you liked it

-K ❤


I’m back with an outfit 🤗
I know School sucks… but you have to do it. So to make your day better In school, I picked out this outfit for you to recreate.

Jeans are a must, specially black jeans. Am I right? 

And what goes best with black? Well white of course. So black jeans, white crop top and my fave clothing item the green jacket. I really like It specially for Fall. I didn’t pick out shoes because I was having a hard time picking a pair. But you can easily pair some converse, boots… What ever really, so be creative 😋

For accessories I picked out a choker (as always😝), glasses, a black handbag and a cute phone case. 

I hope you liked this outfit, If you try to recreate this look, make sure you take a pic and tag me on any social media I have on my page in the very bottom 😇

•Would you wear it for school? 

I give it: 10/10


You can tell I´m going for an Autumn theme 


So let me share my favourite Autumn snack. I´m going to start with my fav drink. It´s coffee, but not normal coffee, I make mine special.

You need:

  • 2/3 shots of black coffee
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 3 tea spoons of Vanilla syrup
  • Ice (opcional)
  • And last caramel sauce drizzled around the cup and on top

And there you go, a Vanilla Iced caramel coffeen:)

For my snack, well I would call It sweet snack. Like Halloween Is around the corner I can get away with eating 6 or more reeses (No joke, I really do eat a load of reeses)

But anyway… I make them myself.

You need: 

  • Chocolate chips
  • Condensed milk
  • Smooth peanut butter
  • Salted butter
  • And powdered sugar

Now poor the condensed milk and the chocolate chip into a bowl and microwave for 1 minute. When It´s all melted just mix it to make it smooth. Then poor into a cupcake tin, let It chill for 10 minutes (Not in friedge, just leave it on the side) While the chocolate Is chilling , poor the smooth peanut butter into a bowl, add 2 tea spoons of salted butter and add 600g of powdered sugar. Then mix It, till it looks crumbly (Is that a word? Well It Is now haha) Ok, let´s carry on with peanutbutter. When It´s all crumbly poor in each cupcake tin.

Now this step Is opcional but to make it look like Reeses cup. Melt more chocolate chips and condensed milk, and mis when it´s melted. Then poor it on top of the cupcake tins and let it chill In the friedge for 10mins and then It´sready to eat.


But wait, If you´re looking for something no so sweet or just a bit helthier, I have 2 snacks for you.

1st Snack you need: 

  • Apple´s
  • Honey or Peanutbutter

Cut you apple in slice´s ot how ever you like and you can dip your apple´s in honey or peanutbutter (Your choice) ANNDDD YOU´RE DONNNEEE 🙂

2nd Snack you need:

  • Banana´s
  • Butter or sunflower oil
  • And some nuts

So poor a tiny bit of oil or one tea spoon of butter and fry the banana. And when It´s done just sprinckle some nuts on top. And you´re good to go 🙂


If you´re gonna try any of these snacks make sure to take a pic and tag me on any social media. That should be linked down below





At the moment I´m loving high knee boots, with dresses, shorts and skirts.

But today I picked a lilac silk shorts with a black off the shoulders crop top and black high knee boots.

Pairing It with a choker, a black chain bag, double baguette jet black crystal ring and a pink metallic lip.

For the make- up you can do a simple cat eye with a a dark brown cut crease. And with for the hair you can leave it down or you can do a high pony.


  • Crop Top: ( 35 EURO) 
  • ( 245 EURO)
  • Boots: ( 43 EURO)
  • Bag: (2.105 EURO)
  • Ring: (72 EURO)
  • Choker: (1.515 EURO)
  • Lip Stick: (18 EURO)


·Would you wear this for a night out? Tell me what you think

I give it: 10/10



Before I start, I just want to say I made this outfit with Polyvore. It´s an APP that you can download on App Store, google play or you can use it on your computer.

So now let´s talk about the outfit.

You can never go wrong with a pair of Jeans, a jumper and some converse. I like this outfit because you can dress it up or down, but the look I´m going for Is casual. So I paired It with a cap, backpack, a watch and a Fall phone case. And I thought It would look cute with a nude anad a bit of mascara.

With this outfit you can wear it for school, work, day out and more.

I tried to pick dark colors for the accesories to give it a fall outfit look and to give It a bit of color I picked blue jeans, a light brown for the top and white converse.

·Would you wear It? Give me your opion

I give It: 10/10



Welcome to my blog!

My name Is Kendall, I’m 19, from the U.K. But living In Tenerife (Spain) Since I was 2 years old.

I can write and speak perfect Spanish and obviously English😝

I’m In love with Beauty💄 and Fashion 👠

I’m starting up a YouTube channel, so make sure you have a look around my blog page to find my YouTube link. I post every week, something like Make-up “Tutorials” , Storytime and more…

I’m engaged to a wonderful man called Juan Carlos❤️ He Is the love of my life 💍😍

I do a lot of modeling jobs, like fashion shows, photoshoots… I would love to be a model but I also want to be a fashion journalist, that would be my dream job.

One day I will be attending to London, New York, Milan fashion week. Some day It will happen, I just have to work hard to achieve what I want In life.


• My favorite chocolate Is Reese’s candy

• My natural hair color Is dark brown but I dyed It blonde

• I’m taller that my fiancé (So I never wear heels😭)

• My mum was born In Hong Kong but she Is English (My grandmother was born In Canada and my grandfather was born in north of England)

• I have 2 brother’s (Steven 24 and Leonardo 9)

•My birthday Is the 1st of July

• My legs are longer than my body

• My clothing sizes are: U.K. 12, shoes 7 and bra 34D

• I won a Beauty Pageant called Miss Summer (2015)

• I’m a weirdo

Well, that got boring 😂 But Is you want to know more about me, just comment or contact me on my social media.


I hope you enjoy my blog,

See you soon, byeeee




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