The Grunge Style started in the 80´s based on a rocker look and band members. How to tell If someone Is dressed Grungy.

1st step:

They will have dark clothing, nothing like Emo

2nd step:

They will probs have a rock band t-shirt

3rd step:

They mostly have ripped clothes

You can dressed grungy but If your not into a rock band will don´t just buy band t-shirts to fit in…

Now let´s start with recreating some outfits:

1st Outfit:

Black T-shirt (with ot without logo), denim shorts, black tights, flannel shirt, bennie and black boots.

2nd Outfit:

T-shirt dress, tights, flannel shirt, black pumps and a black bag

3rd Outfit:

Black leggings, grey long T-shirt, flannel shirt,  leather jacket and black boots