Let´s fly


In a few days I´m going to the UK and I just finished my suitcase. So I´m going to share with you what I´m taking with me.

I´m going for 10 days and I´ve packed 6 outfits and I can mix and match them and I´m hoping to some clothes too.

1st Outfit:

Grey leggings, black long sleeve top, Green bomber jacket and white nikes

2nd Outfit:

Black leggings, grey long sleeve top, black hoodie, comouflage jacket and white nikes

3rd Outfit:

Grey jeans, black crop top, faux fur coat and black chelsea boots

4th Outfit:

Black leggings, red shirt, faux coat and black chelsea boots

5th Outfit:

Black leggings, cream shirt, black chelsea boots and faux fur coat

6th Outfit:

Striped top, black leggings, white jumper, comouflage jacket and white nike


  • Underware (obviosly)
  • Filming (Tripod, camera and selfie light)
  • Make-up (The basic, not taking much)
  • Hair stuff (Brush, hairbands…)

I won´t be taking my toothbrush, shampoo… because I will be staying at my grandparents house, so they have everything that I need there.


Hand lugged

IMPORTANT: Passport, money, tickets…

With me I will be taking my phone, phone charger, headphones, notebook and pen

I would take my laptop but I have a laptop at my Grandparents house 🙂