There´s a ghost that has followed me around since I was a little girl…

So Halloween Is around In a couple of days, so I wanted to share my paranormal story.

  • I wasn´t even 1 years old when this happend. My mum and her friend where  In the livingroom, I was on the floor playing with my toys. My mum told me that I got on my feet and looked at the frontdoor and said: Okay, bye. While I was waving my hand. My mum and her friend freaked out. My mum was always scared of that house, she would hear wierd stuff while no one was home. I know, sacary, right? Specially If It´s just me and her living there.


  • So I was still a baby, I was upstairs sleeping In my bed and my mum had the baby monitor with her and she would her someone walking and hear voices. And when ever she went to check on me, no one was there.


  • We moved to spain, we lived In a one bedroom apartment with my step dad. So I used to sleep In the livingroom and my parents In the bedroom. And I never had a problem, but when I got older my parents moved me to the bedroom. Yes you guest It weird stuff started to happen. It got to a point were I hated sleeping In there. When ever It was my bedtime I used to cry, cause I didn´t want to be In there In the dark. I used to feel like someone  was there with me but bringing bad energy. One night my covers got pulled of my body. I screamed so loud that my Dad came runing In thinking someone was breaking In from the window. And of course he didn´t believe me.


  • Speaking about the window, when ever I looked out (day or night) I felt like someone was standing behind me. Does that happen to everyone? So yeah, having that feeling made me stop looking out.


  • Now this was In my teens, and like every teen thgey hangout with there friends. So I went to the park with my bestfriend. we where with our skateboards and bike. he fell off his bike and hit his head. He keep saying that he had a headach, so he went home. All night we were speaking on facebook, then It got really late and we went to bed. The next morning I went to school and he always waits for me at the frontdoor. And when I got to school and I didn´t see him, the school director came to me In tears saying: I´m so sorry Kendall, but your bestfriend passed away last night. I couln´t believe It, I went pale, I cried for weeks. I couln´t go to the funeral… I felt so sick thinking about my bestfriend gone… forever…And the last thing he said to me was: See you tomorrow Kendall, Love you. And since he passed I´ve had experience but giving me a good energy, I know It´s my bestfriend. Just by the stuff he does to let me know he is there.. I could tell It´s him. Like pushing my skateboard when ever I look at It. Cause It´s something we both liked doing together. I´ve had more experiences with my bestfriend, but I think It´s best to save It for an other story.



Hoped you liked my story

– K ❤