Hi girls🙋🏼,

I’m going to the U.K. In 21 days and yes I’m already planing my outfits. I have so much trouble picking my outfits, so I have to plan It weeks before I go. 

So to help you ladies have the perfect outfits for flying I created these looks.

At the moment I’m loving Boohoo.com, because It’s cheap and the clothes are amazing. So all these outfits are from Boohoo.com

  • 1st Outfit: 

So when you travel you want to be comfy and you can never go wrong with some leggings, T-shirt and trainers. And really I don’t do much with my hair so to make it easier I paired it with a cap. For hand luggage I thought a backpack would look perfect, because It’s a casual airport outfit. 

But If you think that It’s to much black and white. Well don’t worry the 2nd Outfit might be for you 😊

  • 2nd Outfit:

So for the second outfit I did pick out a pair of boyfriend jeans with a peach color jumper. For the shoes I liked the white trainers. And again picked the cap because I can’t be arsed to fix my hair lol. And like It’s an Autumn/fall outfit I did pick this black coat. Because where ever you are going It might be cold, like in my case I’m going to England so it will very cold. I thought this backpack vas very cute for this outfit because of the decoration on it. 

  • 3rd Outfit: 

I know some girls like to look nice in the airport, so I thought that a simple black top with a red skirt might be for your liking. Paring it with high knee boots to keep your legs warm and a fedora will help you not sort your hair out. Like the attention will be on the boots I went simple with the handbag and the coat. The same color to match the boots.

  • 4th Outfit: 

So this Is an other casual outfit that I personally love. I’m really into dark green at the moment, so I had to pick this long sleeve top, paring it with black legging and some height top trainers. I did pick this bomber jacket because I thought it will look nice with the leggings and top. And for the backpack I went simple. And again with the hair, I picked out this headband to help you look like you did something with your hair. And when your on your way to the gate don’t forget to pick up a Starbucks 😋
I hope you liked this blog and I hope it helped you out. And If you recreate one of the outfits make sure to take a pic and tag me on my social media (It will be linked bellow)