Hey everyone 😛
Welcome to my blog.

Well basiclly Im going to the Uk next month, just incase you didn´t know I live in Tenerife (Spain)
So I´m going to be doing videos for my youtube channel, hopefully I will film a winter lookbook in london. I´m not sure yet, cause It all depends on what Im doing when im over, because I´m going with my boyfriend and I´m going to be visiting my family and doing some fashion stuff. (I can´t say much because I´m doing a project that I can´t share yet)
I´m so excited to go back, I want to do a load of stuff for my blog and my YouTube channel, so fingers crossed that everything will work out.
So yeah, I know it was a short blog but i wanted to share with you that im going to the uk.
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Speak to you soon,