I’m back with an outfit 🤗
I know School sucks… but you have to do it. So to make your day better In school, I picked out this outfit for you to recreate.

Jeans are a must, specially black jeans. Am I right? 

And what goes best with black? Well white of course. So black jeans, white crop top and my fave clothing item the green jacket. I really like It specially for Fall. I didn’t pick out shoes because I was having a hard time picking a pair. But you can easily pair some converse, boots… What ever really, so be creative 😋

For accessories I picked out a choker (as always😝), glasses, a black handbag and a cute phone case. 

I hope you liked this outfit, If you try to recreate this look, make sure you take a pic and tag me on any social media I have on my page in the very bottom 😇

•Would you wear it for school? 

I give it: 10/10