Before I start, I just want to say I made this outfit with Polyvore. It´s an APP that you can download on App Store, google play or you can use it on your computer.

So now let´s talk about the outfit.

You can never go wrong with a pair of Jeans, a jumper and some converse. I like this outfit because you can dress it up or down, but the look I´m going for Is casual. So I paired It with a cap, backpack, a watch and a Fall phone case. And I thought It would look cute with a nude anad a bit of mascara.

With this outfit you can wear it for school, work, day out and more.

I tried to pick dark colors for the accesories to give it a fall outfit look and to give It a bit of color I picked blue jeans, a light brown for the top and white converse.

·Would you wear It? Give me your opion

I give It: 10/10