Here are my fav fashion YouTubers:


·Helen Anderson

She Is a British Youtuber and musician. I found her channel and I just fell In love. I love her fashion style, her music and her personality. And the over reason why I like Helen Is because she speaks the truth. The first video I found of her was Crop top´s for curvy girls. In that moment she was known by MelonLady. I actually don´t know why she picked that name.

Her music Is based around the 80/90´s my favourite song from her band ( Box Of Light) Always be you.

I would call her fashion style Girly rock chic and It´s just fab, I love It.

I really have loads to talk about her, but like I still have to write about my over fav YouTuber. So maybe I will write a blog just about Helen.


·Amber Scholl

Now, where do I start with this girl? Basiclly She will make your 10 dollar outfit look like you spend a shit load of money. She makes fashion DIY. And honestly I like her because she Is funny and she would really help you look like a rich bitch lol.

Her fashion style Is basiclly sexy classy buisness women. I don´t have words to describe how amazing she Is making DIY clothes.

I do have more to talk about her, but like I said before I have to write about my other fav youtubers


·Gigi Gorgeous

GIRRRLLL, Gigi Is AMAIING!! She Is funny and always looking Gorgeous. This women Is perfect In every sigle way, she has been through a lot In her life. And for you guys that don´t know her well she Is transgender. She Inspires me all the time. I found out her channel when she first started YouTube, so I´ve seen her change and to be honest I love this women so much.


I know It´s not much, but I don´t want to make this to boring for you. But If you want to know more just let me know