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Welcome to my blog!

My name Is Kendall, I’m 19, from the U.K. But living In Tenerife (Spain) Since I was 2 years old.

I can write and speak perfect Spanish and obviously English😝

I’m In love with Beauty💄 and Fashion 👠

I’m starting up a YouTube channel, so make sure you have a look around my blog page to find my YouTube link. I post every week, something like Make-up “Tutorials” , Storytime and more…

I’m engaged to a wonderful man called Juan Carlos❤️ He Is the love of my life 💍😍

I do a lot of modeling jobs, like fashion shows, photoshoots… I would love to be a model but I also want to be a fashion journalist, that would be my dream job.

One day I will be attending to London, New York, Milan fashion week. Some day It will happen, I just have to work hard to achieve what I want In life.


• My favorite chocolate Is Reese’s candy

• My natural hair color Is dark brown but I dyed It blonde

• I’m taller that my fiancé (So I never wear heels😭)

• My mum was born In Hong Kong but she Is English (My grandmother was born In Canada and my grandfather was born in north of England)

• I have 2 brother’s (Steven 24 and Leonardo 9)

•My birthday Is the 1st of July

• My legs are longer than my body

• My clothing sizes are: U.K. 12, shoes 7 and bra 34D

• I won a Beauty Pageant called Miss Summer (2015)

• I’m a weirdo

Well, that got boring 😂 But Is you want to know more about me, just comment or contact me on my social media.


I hope you enjoy my blog,

See you soon, byeeee




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Tips On how to dress Grunge


The Grunge Style started in the 80´s based on a rocker look and band members. How to tell If someone Is dressed Grungy.

1st step:

They will have dark clothing, nothing like Emo

2nd step:

They will probs have a rock band t-shirt

3rd step:

They mostly have ripped clothes

You can dressed grungy but If your not into a rock band will don´t just buy band t-shirts to fit in…

Now let´s start with recreating some outfits:

1st Outfit:

Black T-shirt (with ot without logo), denim shorts, black tights, flannel shirt, bennie and black boots.

2nd Outfit:

T-shirt dress, tights, flannel shirt, black pumps and a black bag

3rd Outfit:

Black leggings, grey long T-shirt, flannel shirt,  leather jacket and black boots



MUA, Revlon, Maybelline NY and Make-up revolution. The reason why I love them Is because they are cheap and good quality. It´s amazing. I will share with you each products I have with the price. I got them all from

I´m going to start with the most cheapeast brand

MUA (Make-Up Acadamy):

  • Highlighter: 3£
  • Cover and concelour: 1.50£
  • Matte foundation: 4£
  • Pressed powder: 2.50£
  • Matte liquid eyeliner: 2£
  • Pencil eyeliner: 1£
  • Mascara: 3£

Maybelline New York:

  • Age rewind eye concealer: 7.99£
  • Baby Skin primer: 7.99£
  • 24h setting spray: 6.99£
  • Contour cream stick: 6.99£
  • Liquid foundation: 7.99£
  • Pressed powder: 6.99£
  • Mascara: 7.99£
  • 12 nude eyeshadow palette: 9.99£

Make-up revolution:

  • Eyeshadow blending brush: 1.99£
  • Contour brush: 3.49£
  • Oval make-up brush: 9.99£
  • 5 mini beauty blender: 9.99£


  • Matte liquid lipstick: 8.99£
  • Brow gel pencil: 7.99£
  • Quick dry top coat nail polish: 7.99£






Let´s fly


In a few days I´m going to the UK and I just finished my suitcase. So I´m going to share with you what I´m taking with me.

I´m going for 10 days and I´ve packed 6 outfits and I can mix and match them and I´m hoping to some clothes too.

1st Outfit:

Grey leggings, black long sleeve top, Green bomber jacket and white nikes

2nd Outfit:

Black leggings, grey long sleeve top, black hoodie, comouflage jacket and white nikes

3rd Outfit:

Grey jeans, black crop top, faux fur coat and black chelsea boots

4th Outfit:

Black leggings, red shirt, faux coat and black chelsea boots

5th Outfit:

Black leggings, cream shirt, black chelsea boots and faux fur coat

6th Outfit:

Striped top, black leggings, white jumper, comouflage jacket and white nike


  • Underware (obviosly)
  • Filming (Tripod, camera and selfie light)
  • Make-up (The basic, not taking much)
  • Hair stuff (Brush, hairbands…)

I won´t be taking my toothbrush, shampoo… because I will be staying at my grandparents house, so they have everything that I need there.


Hand lugged

IMPORTANT: Passport, money, tickets…

With me I will be taking my phone, phone charger, headphones, notebook and pen

I would take my laptop but I have a laptop at my Grandparents house 🙂


Guide to Body Scrubs

If you’re starting to feel like your skin could do with a bit of TLC, body scrubs are the way forward. Designed to exfoliate and cleanse, this effective body treatment is a great way to keep your skin looking both healthy and beautiful.

Body scrubs tend to contain three key ingredients – an exfoliant, such as salt, sugar, apricot kernels or jojoba beads, some type of oil to ensure that the mixture stays in place, for example macademia or sweet almond oil, and fragrance to add a touch of luxury to the experience.

While body scrub treatments are usually available at your nearest spa or salon and applied by a beauty therapist, there are plenty of at-home body scrubs that work just as well. Read on to find out more about body scrubs, how you should use them and the different types that are available.


When to use a Body Scrub

If you have normal skin or live and work in a location that’s dusty or polluted, ideally you should aim to exfoliate at least twice a week. This will help you to get rid of any dead skin cells, unclog your pores and give your skin a much fresher and even appearance.

If you have sensitive skin, be gentle when you’re scrubbing and only use body scrubs every now and again to avoid flaring up with unwanted symptoms such as redness and irritation.

To rejuvenate oily skin, remove a skin tan or deal with dryness from living in a warm climate, you can afford to exfoliate more than twice a week as the body scrub will soothe and provide your skin with extra nutrients.

The scrubbing action during a body scrub treatment actually stimulates the circulation in your body and skin, contributing to its healthy appearance, so they’re great for toning too. However, remember not to use body scrubs on the delicate skin of your face as they’re only meant for tough areas.


How to use a Body Scrub

Before you start scrubbing away, it’s important to follow a few simple steps to make sure you get the very best results.

First, it’s time to soak. Take a shower to wet your skin – warm-to-hot is the ideal temperature. If you’re having a shower, let it run for around 5-10 minutes over your skin to get it feeling super soft and ready for the treatment. Once you’re done, turn off the water while you exfoliate.

Alternatively, you can use the body scrub while having a bath.


To Exfoliate:

  1. The idea behind a body scrub is to remove dead skin, so target specific areas of the body that are prone to dryness, such as your back, the backs of your arms, legs and feet.
  2. Apply the body scrub in a circular motion, remembering not to scrub too hard. Be gentle and your skin won’t turn bright red afterwards.
  3. Scrub all over for around 5-10 minutes before rinsing with warm water.
  4. Complete your treatment with a soothing moisturiser to leave your skin feeling hydrated and baby soft.


Different Types of Body Scrubs

Now that you’ve learnt how to carry out your treatment, it’s worth exploring the different types of body scrubs available. If you suffer from allergies or are prone to sensitive skin, always be sure to check the ingredients of a scrub before use. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Salt Scrubs: Also known as ‘salt glows’, a salt scrub is made with sea salt and is fantastic for healing and pulling out all the toxins from your skin. This is a great treatment for those of you with oily skin, but take care if you’re prone to dryness and consider adding essential oils to the mix. Most essential oils have a wonderful aroma too, so you can’t go wrong.
  • Sugar Scrubs: Sweet by name and sweet by nature, these tend to be the most popular of body scrubs. Made with brown or white sugar, the rough texture of the sugar exfoliates but more gently than a salt scrub, so this is preferable for those of you with sensitive skin.
  • Coffee Scrubs: If you’re a coffee addict or love the smell of coffee beans, this one’s for you. When used in a scrub, this natural stimulant is not only good for restoring your healthy glow but also ideal for firming the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite due to its high level of antioxidants. Add ingredients such as vanilla or chocolate for a truly enjoyable experience.
  • Moisturising Scrubs: Suffering from a lack of moisture and need to give your skin a boost? Pick a moisturising scrub. These tend to contain oatmeal or ground almonds with cooling yoghurt, aloe vera or avocado that will help nourish the skin and restore lost moisture.
  • Herb Scrubs: Mixed with a whole range of dried herbs such as lavender and aromatic essential oils, heavenly herb scrubs offer a softer alternative for exfoliating in comparison to the harsher texture of some of the other scrubs and can be used on a daily basis.
  • Loofas and sponges: A slightly different treatment to the rest, loofas and sponges are less about the mixture itself and more about the product used for doing the scrubbing. Simply buy a loofa or bath sponge and combine it with your favourite body wash or scrub to get perfectly preened skin.



How to Use Primer Like a Pro

A makeup primer is a step between moisturising and applying foundation. It prepares your skin for further coverage and makeup. But which primer is right for your skin? Read on and find out.


How to Apply a Primer Correctly

Cleanse and tone your face. Follow with your favourite day cream or moisturiser. Always remember, a primer is not a substitute for a good hydrating day cream, its main goal is to keep your foundation looking flawless throughout the day.

Once the moisturiser is absorbed, apply a small amount of primer on to your skin. Don’t add too much as this may make your foundation appear uneven, a pea-sized amount will do the trick.

Blend the primer into your skin in circular motions, starting with the T-zone and blending outwards. You may want to use a special primer for around your eyes as the sensitive skin in this area requires gentler ingredients than the rest of your face.

After the primer has set, apply foundation and continue with your makeup routine as normal. Alternatively, you can wear primer on its own for a more natural look.


Types of Makeup Primers

Things to Look out for When Examining Your Skin:

Answering the five questions below will help you choose the right primer for your skin type. Some work hard to reduce the size of pores, others help to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A whole host of primers help to mattify the skin and many serve as an extra hydrating step, while the rest focus on tone and colour correcting.


Do I Need a Colour Correcting Primer?

If you are keen on hiding blemishes only in certain places, a colour correcting concealer may be the better option for you. Colour correcting concealers will target areas that you are keen on concealing resulting in a flawless finish. To find out more, make sure you read our guide to colour correcting concealers.

If you are looking to even out your tone generally without targeting a certain blemish, go for a colour correcting primer. Primers that look slightly greenish will help to hide redness or sunburn. Yellow primers even out a pink or light red complexion, peach-toned ones will help conceal pigmentation or bruising, and finally go for a light purple or lavender primer if your skin tone is yellowish or sallow.


Choosing the Right Primer for Your Skin Type

Just like choosing the right foundation, the primer you should invest in depends on your skin type.

Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, a mattifying primer will serve as a helping hand to your foundation in tackling the unwanted shine. Mattifying primers help to absorb excess oil as the ingredients are specifically target and control sebum over-production which is the main culprit when it comes to that unwanted glow. Look out for ingredients such as witch hazel which have added soothing and anti-blemish properties.

Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, a hydrating primer will help with an extra moisture boost. Allow skin to absorb the extra nourishment for a few minutes and then follow with foundation. When using a hydrating primer, you will notice that applying foundation is easier and makeup stays looking flawless for longer.

Mature Skin

If you want an extra helping hand in minimising the appearance of pores and wrinkles, go for a primer that is designed especially for mature skin. This product will help to ensure the foundation doesn’t sink into fine lines, and that your complexion stays bright and even.


Guide to Moisturisers

Moisturisers for Dry Skin:

If you have dry, dull skin – a hearty moisturiser can be a life saver. Look out for hydrating creams that boast ingredients including shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamins and other skin helping agents like antioxidants.

If your skin is very dry, a day moisturiser may be not enough – make sure you include hydrating products in both your day and night skincare.


Moisturisers for Sensitive Skin:

If you have sensitive skin, go for a moisturiser that is fragrance-free as the ingredients that create scents may irritate your skin.

Look out for products that state the ingredients are hypoallergenic or suitable for sensitive skin.


Moisturisers for Normal Skin:

If you have normal skin, even the most basic moisturiser will do the trick for your skin.

To keep skin hydrated and supple all year long, make sure your winter moisturiser is richer and the one you use in the summer is lighter.


Moisturisers for Blemish Prone Skin:

If you have problem skin, the moisturiser you should go for will depend on how severe your blemishes are.

If your condition is serious, it is best for your dermatologist to prescribe you the correct skincare product. Generally, if you have blemish prone skin, look out for moisturisers that are lightweight and with ingredients such as salicylic acid. 

The lighter your moisturiser, the less likely your pores will be clogged. If you feel that adding a moisturiser to your beauty regime makes your skin greasy, it may not be the right product for you. Try using a hydrating serum or overnight mask instead.


Moisturisers for Oily Skin:

Depending on how oily your skin is, a daily moisturiser may not be right for you. If you need to combat the oily glow with blotting paper several times a day, consider using a hydrating gel or overnight serum instead of a day moisturiser.

Gels have a lighter formula, so they can help to mattify the glow and won’t make your skin look greasy. If your skin is not severely oily, you can benefit from a good daily moisturiser. Look out for one that has a light consistency, regulates the natural balance of your skin and doesn’t clog your pores.


Moisturisers for Combination Skin

If you have combination skin, use a heavier moisturiser only on parts of your skin that need that extra hydration boost, and use a lighter one for the rest of your skin, for example, the T-zone. Having said that, make sure you incorporate hydrating products into your night skincare routine as well.





Let´s get November started


Tomorrow Is the 1st Of November, so I will be posting winter theme blogs. Like outfits, make-up, lifestyle and more…

And I´m so excited for November, because I´m going to the Uk with my fiancé, to see my family and hopefully to do work stuff. So tomorrow It will be the first winter theme blog.

So make sure you check them out and I hope you like It.

-K ❤

My Scary Story…

There´s a ghost that has followed me around since I was a little girl…

So Halloween Is around In a couple of days, so I wanted to share my paranormal story.

  • I wasn´t even 1 years old when this happend. My mum and her friend where  In the livingroom, I was on the floor playing with my toys. My mum told me that I got on my feet and looked at the frontdoor and said: Okay, bye. While I was waving my hand. My mum and her friend freaked out. My mum was always scared of that house, she would hear wierd stuff while no one was home. I know, sacary, right? Specially If It´s just me and her living there.


  • So I was still a baby, I was upstairs sleeping In my bed and my mum had the baby monitor with her and she would her someone walking and hear voices. And when ever she went to check on me, no one was there.


  • We moved to spain, we lived In a one bedroom apartment with my step dad. So I used to sleep In the livingroom and my parents In the bedroom. And I never had a problem, but when I got older my parents moved me to the bedroom. Yes you guest It weird stuff started to happen. It got to a point were I hated sleeping In there. When ever It was my bedtime I used to cry, cause I didn´t want to be In there In the dark. I used to feel like someone  was there with me but bringing bad energy. One night my covers got pulled of my body. I screamed so loud that my Dad came runing In thinking someone was breaking In from the window. And of course he didn´t believe me.


  • Speaking about the window, when ever I looked out (day or night) I felt like someone was standing behind me. Does that happen to everyone? So yeah, having that feeling made me stop looking out.


  • Now this was In my teens, and like every teen thgey hangout with there friends. So I went to the park with my bestfriend. we where with our skateboards and bike. he fell off his bike and hit his head. He keep saying that he had a headach, so he went home. All night we were speaking on facebook, then It got really late and we went to bed. The next morning I went to school and he always waits for me at the frontdoor. And when I got to school and I didn´t see him, the school director came to me In tears saying: I´m so sorry Kendall, but your bestfriend passed away last night. I couln´t believe It, I went pale, I cried for weeks. I couln´t go to the funeral… I felt so sick thinking about my bestfriend gone… forever…And the last thing he said to me was: See you tomorrow Kendall, Love you. And since he passed I´ve had experience but giving me a good energy, I know It´s my bestfriend. Just by the stuff he does to let me know he is there.. I could tell It´s him. Like pushing my skateboard when ever I look at It. Cause It´s something we both liked doing together. I´ve had more experiences with my bestfriend, but I think It´s best to save It for an other story.



Hoped you liked my story

– K ❤



Hi girls🙋🏼,

I’m going to the U.K. In 21 days and yes I’m already planing my outfits. I have so much trouble picking my outfits, so I have to plan It weeks before I go. 

So to help you ladies have the perfect outfits for flying I created these looks.

At the moment I’m loving, because It’s cheap and the clothes are amazing. So all these outfits are from

  • 1st Outfit: 

So when you travel you want to be comfy and you can never go wrong with some leggings, T-shirt and trainers. And really I don’t do much with my hair so to make it easier I paired it with a cap. For hand luggage I thought a backpack would look perfect, because It’s a casual airport outfit. 

But If you think that It’s to much black and white. Well don’t worry the 2nd Outfit might be for you 😊

  • 2nd Outfit:

So for the second outfit I did pick out a pair of boyfriend jeans with a peach color jumper. For the shoes I liked the white trainers. And again picked the cap because I can’t be arsed to fix my hair lol. And like It’s an Autumn/fall outfit I did pick this black coat. Because where ever you are going It might be cold, like in my case I’m going to England so it will very cold. I thought this backpack vas very cute for this outfit because of the decoration on it. 

  • 3rd Outfit: 

I know some girls like to look nice in the airport, so I thought that a simple black top with a red skirt might be for your liking. Paring it with high knee boots to keep your legs warm and a fedora will help you not sort your hair out. Like the attention will be on the boots I went simple with the handbag and the coat. The same color to match the boots.

  • 4th Outfit: 

So this Is an other casual outfit that I personally love. I’m really into dark green at the moment, so I had to pick this long sleeve top, paring it with black legging and some height top trainers. I did pick this bomber jacket because I thought it will look nice with the leggings and top. And for the backpack I went simple. And again with the hair, I picked out this headband to help you look like you did something with your hair. And when your on your way to the gate don’t forget to pick up a Starbucks 😋
I hope you liked this blog and I hope it helped you out. And If you recreate one of the outfits make sure to take a pic and tag me on my social media (It will be linked bellow) 


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